MooNiE and Broon

"An aggressive, improvisational humor, their show is by turns inspired and thrilling"

New City, Chicago


Who Are These Guys?

Welcome to the world of MooNiE and Broon. If you’re here then chances are you already know a little something about these two monsters of the variety comedy world. That’s right I said “monsters”, before you go thinking that’s a bit of a stretch remember most of the variety comedy world consists of guys in Chuck Taylors making puns about eggs or hippies with fire wandy things.  Then you’ve got these two with their bed of nails laying, juggling while drinking beer, flaming tongue transferring, theatre performing, unscripted, saw playing, anything could happen, sledge hammer wielding, comedy jazz. Monsters. You wanna make something of it? I didn’t think so.

So go clickin’ around and learn more about these two comedy guys. You can see them in action, hire them for a gig or just bask in the glow of two men who as far as we know are of no danger to anyone but themselves.



"A brand of buddy comedy that I thought was a lost art"

The AGE, Melbourne Australia